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RQ8 Yachting is a dynamic private yacht chartering
company offering an excellent experience.

RQ8 YACHTING: Private Yacht Charter Dubai

RQ8 Yachting is a boutique yacht charter company offering a wide range of high ends tailor made cruising destinations in Dubai and the region. Sail away with RQ8 Yachting When the ocean beckons, there is no call more powerful. When you leave behind the land, there is no greater sense of freedom. RQ8 Yachting invites you to experience the exhilarating thrill of the open water aboard one of our luxurious vessels, under the guidance of our expert skippers and team. As a boutique yacht charter company with more than 10 years’ experience here along Dubai’s coastline, we are masters of the art of making your day one-of-a-kind – whether you’re a seafaring adventurer, a true romantic, a party- seeker or a family fulfilling a dream.

Yacht Charter in Dubai


The sky’s the limit when you sail the open waters with RQ8 Yachting, because we’re all decked out to deliver whatever your thrill-seeking heart desires. And if there’s any way we can make your itinerary even more incredible – just ask.


Release your inner sea-faring adventurer and experience the exhilaration of the open water with RQ8 Yachting. 10 years’ experience along Dubai’s sunshine coast has certified us masters in the art of making your day a blast. We run our business ‘boutique-style’ because we believe in working closely with our clients to craft their dream cruise. Our gorgeous fleet of yachts are skippered by our team of fully-qualified and highly-experienced explorers who really dig it when you smile. So share your vision with us, and we’ll set the coordinates.