Al Seef Marina

Take a journey along Dubai Creek’s and be enchanted by the history of Al Seef Marina.

Heritage, food, culture, beauty – Al Seef Marina is a living and thriving work of art that beckons you to wander the Sikkas and immerse yourself in both past and present. A charming historical site tucked away on the banks of Dubai’s creek, Al Seef Marina invites visitors to lose themselves in a bygone era and be equally seduced by the dazzling array of cosmopolitan eateries and amenities. The perfect stop-off for your sight-seeing cruise.

The destination will provide bustling waterfront spaces, where cafes and restaurants will open up on to the interconnected promenades fronting the creek Rediscover the heart of Dubai through the bustling promenade at Al Seef, and breathe in the atmosphere created by cafes, restaurants, shops, and an events plaza, where shows, events, and cultural activities attract people from near and far to the waterfront where fishermen, pearl-divers, weavers and tradesmen once came together to trade.

Located along the shores of Dubai’s much-loved creek, close to the Al Fahidi Cultural Historical Neighbourhood, Al Seef is designed to reflect the city’s culture and heritage, as well as its status as a modern cosmopolitan city. Visitors to the destination can choose to enjoy a casual dinner as they watch dhows make their way up and down this unique waterway, or wander the interconnected paths and walkways filled with exciting retail concepts that connect to create a rich, diverse and vibrant place.