Blue Marlin

So you fancy a change of scenery. Somewhere to release your inner raver or channel your hippy vibe. How about… Ibiza?

Whilst we can’t sail you to the Balearics in a day, we can transport you to the party island’s infamous Blue Marlin, located on the beach of Ghantoot Al Jazira Island Hotel. Bring your pals and your party spirit and we’ll set the coordinates. Chill out on the open deck while our DJ spins your favourite anthems and your personal butler ensures your glass is topped up.

The internationally award winning beach club offers a unique natural environment, unlike any other in the UAE.

Imported from the smooth shores of the Mediterranean, Blue Marlin Dubai Beach Club encompasses the true Ibiza lifestyle. This exclusive beach club is found right in the heart of Dubai, offering the ultimate party experience from Spain’s most infamous clubbing island. Guests embrace the Ibiza spirit with a belated breakfast or lazy lunch by the poolside before taking a dip in the cool, deep blue sea.

Upon sunset, the relaxed beach vibe suddenly transforms into buzzing club, with nightfall bringing a change of playlist, switching from chilled tunes to banging house.

Offering fine cuisine day and night, smoothly shaken cocktails, poolside lounging and beach party antics, Blue Marlin Dubai Beach Club definitely provides the whole relaxation package.

Enter Blue Marlin Ibiza's latest offering, perfect for carrying on the weekend in style.

1. A selection of Mediterranean dishes, hot barbeque with an Asian twist, the freshest sushi, and the most soul-satisfying desserts. Aaaaaand, an unlimited cocktail bar to help you digest all of that food.

2. Located in Ghantoot, taking a short trip out of the city might just be the best thing you can do for yourself. The drive is definitely worth it, as Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE will welcome you with a gorgeous beach and clear blue waters that you'll never want to get out of.

3. This beach club is one of the best places to watch the sunset from. It's just so beautiful, and ugh. Speechless.

4. Obvs, home to coolest, funnest individuals you'll find around the country - expect to meet your soul-mate (or soul-matesssssss) bathing underneath the sun as they enjoy the day.