Corporate Yacht Charter in Dubai

If you are running a business in Dubai, you must be aware of the fact how competitive it has become. Dubai companies are always on the lookout for novel methods to give their clients some entertainment and relaxation. As Dubai is close to waters, a corporate event on a yacht proves to be very relaxing and entertaining for customers and employees. RQ8 Yachting is one of the most loved yacht rental companies specializing in organizing cruises for corporate events.

Whether you are looking to host a conference or a lunch for the employees, RQ8 Yachting can organize perfect event in best venues on its yachts. We have a team of experienced staff members who know how to make your corporate event a huge success. They have answers and solutions to all your queries and doubts regarding a corporate event on a yacht cruise.

Yacht rentals for corporate events

RQ8 Yachting has large number of luxury yachts to decorate one of them and make all the arrangements to organize a memorable corporate event. You will find that a company event on a cruise provides a very relaxing and serene atmosphere that is hard to get at any other place in Dubai. With several floors on a yacht, it is possible to hold different events in different venues to keep it interesting for the guests. There is huge space to organize various sessions whether you want to hold training classes, speeches, or even conferences. All our yachts provide multiple opportunities for fun and entertainment through its bars, air-conditioned rooms, and recreation areas.

Grand Corporate Events with Yacht Rental

For us, a yacht rental is much more than just providing our clients with as luxury yacht. We know what it means for your clients or employees to enjoy the scenic views along with delicious food and drinks on the cruise. This is the reason all our yachts have excellent arrangement of mouth-watering food items and drinks. We also decorate our yachts in an enchanting manner to mesmerize your customers and employees. No matter what your budget, we have solutions for yacht rentals to organize memorable corporate events for you.

There are many yacht rental companies in Dubai. But unlike others, you will always carry wonderful memories of your cruise and event if you decide to work with us. We provide wonderful amenities on our yachts at most reasonable rates. It is not a surprise then that our customers keep calling us whenever they need to organize their next corporate event on a yacht.