Dubai Creek and Canal

For those in search of a ‘culture tour’, hop aboard one of our luxury vessels – a beacon of modern Dubai – and soak up the history of the emirate with a trip down Dubai Creek and Canal.

Over the past century, Dubai has undergone an astonishing transformation. From humble origins as a small fishing and pearling community—through its development as a duty-free port, to the discovery of oil in the sixties—the emirate has emerged as a forward-thinking city with its eye on the future.

The world’s greatest cities combine trade and finance, culture and community, learning and leisure. They salute their heritage but look forward, keeping pace with the world’s demands. Above all, global cities offer people everything they need to live, work, play and grow. Dubai Creek epitomises all these facets and is poised to take this amazing city into the future.


This natural waterway has been a wellspring of life since the earliest human settlement millennia ago. In recent decades, however, its importance has receded. Dubai Creek will reconnect the emirate with its roots while ushering in a new era of prosperity.


Dubai Creek sits abreast of Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, which has sheltered around 450 animal species within its 620 hectares for a quarter-century. One of the most important wetlands in the region, it is particularly renowned for glorious flamingos that are ambassadors for how nature can thrive close to an urban environment. As Dubai Creek Harbour develops, this sanctuary will remain sacrosanct, with a new visitor centre bringing a message of sustainable biodiversity to new generations.

The watercourse is quite simply stunning, weaving along a 12-kilometre stretch from gulf to creek. Sailing alongside wooden abras and water taxis in this thriving waterway, you’re quite suddenly immersed in the rich history of Dubai’s original trade and industry route. Whilst you marvel at the stunning coexistence of old and new, we’re here to serve you with a 5-star experience in honour of our great city’s status as a luxury destination. Simply share your vision… a private butler to serve chef’s amuse-bouche with a complementary grape. Or perhaps a personal photoshoot. Your wish is our command.