Jebel Ali Palm

For an extraordinary family day out – Jebel Ali Palm ticks all the boxes.

As we set sail from Dubai Marina and head up the coast to Jebel Ali, there really is a sense of escaping the city. Jebel Ali is recognized as a wetland of global importance and with an estimated 500 marine species located within the wetland sanctuary – from Dugongs to Hawksbill turtles – your cruise could turn out to be quite an eye-opener. The Palm itself is quite simply a thing of beauty. Choose your spot on the deck to soak up the sea air, tranquility and panoramic views across the vast man-made fronds and waterways – a pleasure for the senses. Don’t forget your binoculars.

The highly desirable location

Jebel Ali Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Dubai. It offers several venues where you can enjoy beach life. Jebel Ali Beach is one of the best beaches for a beach holiday in Dubai, as it consists of white sand and blue sea water. You can wear your beach clothes here as there is no dress code. There are several private beaches and resorts in and around Jebel Ali beach. You can book rooms in any of the resorts to enjoy beach holiday in Dubai. Various water sports can be enjoyed by the visitors at Jebel Ali beach.

You can have a splendid view of Burj Al Arab from the beach. The beach is suitable for barbeque and camping parties in Dubai. The Jebel Ali Beach resort is situated on the coast of Jebel Ali Beach and the resort is situated near to the attractions in and around Dubai city which includes souks, shopping centers and old historic areas. The area is famous as the world’s biggest man-made harbor and biggest port of Middle East. Jebel Ali beach is located just 40 minutes away from Dubai airport. The beach is the home of various luxurious resort hotels in beautifully landscaped gardens with tropical foliage and palms.

The beaches in Dubai are very beautiful with fine and soft sand. You have to wear normal clothes before leaving the beach. If you are planning a beach holiday in Dubai, then you have to go Jebel Ali Beach to enjoy the charm of the beach. Dubai beaches are the strange combination of deserts and beaches. Dubai beaches are usually crowded during winter months, mostly with Russian and Europeans tourists. Dubai beaches are crowded during weekends. Enjoy the beach holidays at the luxurious resorts and hotels around the beaches. Surfing is very safe in Dubai beaches which make them even more attractive to the tourists coming to Dubai.