Celebrate Your Birthday on a Private Yacht Charter in Dubai

Your ultimate stop for a great birthday yacht party in Dubai

No matter what is your age or from where you belong, almost everyone loves celebrating their birthday. We know a way that can be different but the ultimate feeling of it remains for the rest of your life. Our alternative is to spend your special day in Dubai waters on a yacht.

Whether you go for an outing with friends during daytime or decide to watch the mesmerizing sunset, it is going to be a memorable birthday for you. You will get a chance to see not just crystal-clear water but also the iconic Dubai skyline and the palm trees when you celebrate your birthday on a yacht.

Think of having some wonderful time in the Nikki Beach as your yacht sails into the heart of Dubai. You can also get a chance to see all the other famous landmarks of the city such as Blue Waters, Palm Jumeirah, and Ain Dubai.

RQ8 Yachting has chosen three beautiful venues in the ocean to celebrate your birthday with your loved ones. Have fun with your friends while eating and drinking as your yacht passes through the famous Dubai skyline. We will make all the arrangements so that you have nothing to worry about and just enjoy with your guests.

Get a totally personalized experience during the cruise

Our birthday party yachts are fully customizable for any theme that you like. Be it a close-knit party for loved ones or an extravagantly designed party for a large gathering, there is a yacht to fit any number of people.

RQ8 Yachting decides not just food and the decoration but also takes care of your entertainment through live band and performance by our own DJs. We provide the best floating venue in Dubai for your yacht birthday party.

We will make it a stress-free event for you

We have a team of experienced crew members who know how to make perfect arrangements for a yacht party. We are all ears to your inputs as it is after all your birthday. You will find that everything during the event takes place according to your wishes and likes. Our welcoming and sophisticated team will ensure that your guests have a fanciful experience and guarantee a supreme birthday party.

Have fun without breaking the bank

Birthday Yacht party in Dubai can look expensive and lavish. RQ8 Yachting knows how to organize birthday parties on a tight budget. We can work out a solution for your birthday party if you can hold it during weekdays and it can be tailor-made to include themes that are fancy, intimate and pleasurable! Just let us know about your budget and we will organize the cruise suiting your budget.

You will enjoy our delicious food and wonderful drinks

We have a great bar welcoming you with the most wonderful beverages at prices much lower than you will get them at other Dubai bars. You will also love our menu with mouthwatering dishes at affordable prices. Our new menu set by the executive chef will amusingly surprise you during your yacht birthday party.